The cultural heritage of Santa Margalida

The historical heritage of Santa Margalida is one of the most important manifestations of culture vilera. The municipality has a wealth of cultural and heritage resources that tourists can visit.

Around Can Picafort and the municipality Santa Margalida, you can find a lot of archaeological remains. Much of these remains are of considerable importance, both for its condition and its uniqueness.

Church of St. Margaret is of medieval origin. It is located next to a magnificent viewpoint with excellent views of the fields. The church of Santa Margalida is located in the town of Santa Margalida. The initial construction of the church dates from the thirteenth century, shortly after the Catalan conquest. Although this initial building is not preserved practically nothing. The building we have today is a construction that began in the fourteenth century and continued in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, the tradition of Gothic construction. Its facade is baroque, at the end of a big step.