The village of Santa Margalida dates back to the 13th-15th century. Its name owes its origin to the dedication of Santa Margarita, which was dedicated the church built in the alquería of Hiachat or Yach. However, the popular and most common name of the village of Santa Margalida is “la Vila”, a term normally used both by its inhabitants and those of neighbouring villages.

The town of Santa Margalida is famous in Mallorca for the celebration of the procession of the Beata. This procession is celebrated on the first Sunday of September. It begins in the morning with demons racing through the streets of the town to wake local residents with the sound of the bells worn on their clothing.

Once night has fallen the procession begins, with the Beata at the head, and it parades through the streets accompanied by locals dressed as peasant farmers, marching bands and floats representing different moments of the life of the saint. But what will undoubtedly surprise you the most will be the demons trying to wrest vases from the farmers to smash them on the ground at the foot of the Beata, as they dance around. This highly distinctive procession ends with the demons smashing the last of the vases in the Church Square.

Apart from the visit to the church, in Santa Margalida you can find many other elements to visit. Santa Margalida is a clear example of an inland village, which stands out for its stately houses, such as the Casa den Verga Joven or the rectory house; the Plaza de la Vila or the Town Hall.