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Santa Margalida is a Mallorcan municipality that belongs to the Pla de Mallorca region. It borders the municipalities of Maria de la Salut, Muro, Artà, Petra and Ariany. Within the municipality there are three population centres: Santa Margalida, Can Picafort and Son Serra de Marina.

The term, characterized by its flatness, includes the coastal and inland areas. The first one is occupied by an important but fragile dune system of pine groves, while the interior landscape is characterized by dry land, cereals and almond trees.

On the other hand, its special orography has favoured human settlements, which makes it the municipality with the largest number of archaeological sites on the island. The most outstanding prehistoric remains are several: the Talaiot de Sa Nineta, Es Figueral de Son Real, Sa Punta des Patrón and the funerary circle of Son Bauló. But the most important sites are the necropolis of Son Real and the island of Porros.

During the Catalan conquest, the municipality did not offer much resistance, so these lands were granted to Ponç Hug and divided between the church and the knights. In 1241 the existence of the church of Santa Margarita is already documented.

Today in Santa Margalida, in addition to its streets and squares, are worth visiting the Parish Church, Gothic and Baroque style, and the Rectory House, a good example of Mallorcan rural architecture. In addition to the Muslim and medieval remains such as the Pou de Hero, sa Font des Pujol and s’Hort d’en Degollat.