Throughout history the strategic importance of the Bay of Alcudia has given way to the entrance of different civilizations. On the other hand, religious buildings make up the human landscape of the municipality. The main inheritance obtained after the Catalan conquest are the ecclesiastical monuments. In addition, Santa Margalida is a land of a rich cultural heritage that keeps alive many festivals and traditions.

This historical heritage is now the subject of visit by tourists and island residents. Thus, the municipality of Santa Margalida becomes a place where tourism, culture and heritage converge in harmony.


S’Albufera is the largest of the Balearic Islands wetland. It is separated from the sea by a cordon of dunes. Although some 18 million years ago there were formations meadow, the current wetland was formed less than 100,000 years ago, but over time has varied its morphology to the current state.

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Patrimonial Elements

Around Can Picafort and the municipality of Santa Margalida, you can find a lot of archaeological remains. Much of these remains are of considerable importance, both for its condition and its uniqueness.

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Public finca of Son Real

The public finca of Son Real is a natural and historical treasure. In its 395 hectares, you can find archaeological sites, a set of ecosystems, dune areas and juniper pine forests, ancient quarries of sand, towers, 4 walking routes and 3 cycling, an exclusive riding itinerary, an office for information and free bicycle rental and binoculars.

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Can Picafort, a sea of ​​culture

The City of Santa Margalida has made a bold bid to promote culture and strengthen local identity through various cultural projects. The first thing to note is the Saladina Art Fest, which aims to give a new image to the people. The other cultural element is the set of sculptures by Joan Bennàssar, which aim to convert Can Picafort cultural reference in the Bay of Alcudia.

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