Majorcan gastronomy, unique flavors!

The result of an intense history of conquests and reconquests, the gastronomic legacy of Mallorca is today the result of its complex past, which brings together a solid base of all the cultures that have shaped the personality of this island. Surely for that reason, variety is one of its hallmarks.

A few examples of this island idiosyncrasy are: ensaimadas, Mallorcan soups, fried pork, sobrassada, fritters, robiols, sweet herbs, etc.

The sea is the protagonist of Can Picafort. This aspect is perfectly reflected in the cuisine of the town. Apart from being able to find restaurants a wide variety of dishes related to the sea, each year the Gastronomic Days of the Squid is celebrated. These days are celebrated in the Plaza Cervantes and participate crowds of bars and restaurants serving tapas, which the main ingredient is the squid.

Moreover, the town of Santa Margalida has another important gastronomic landmark. This is the Almond Fair, trying to collect a sample of the different varieties of almond, as well as its transformation and application in the food industry. In addition, if they can see how they were formerly farm work. Note that this fair also includes a craft market and proximity products.